The Hatchers – A Spokane, Wa Wedding

Cydney and Austin…

Where do I start?

Cydney is the most lovely, kind, funny, genuine person. If you know her, you already know this. I’ve known her – her entire life, so I can legitimately vouch for it. Trust me, anyone who meets her is lucky to have crossed paths with her…

Lucky for Austin.



Cydney and Austin met in high school, hung with the same circle of friends and even went to the same college. But somehow during those college years, they ended up losing touch. It wasn’t until six years later that fate would have them both signed up to coach a basketball clinic at a youth after school program. Shortly thereafter, Austin was smitten with Cydney. He was attracted to her charisma, her endearing face and the sheer magnetism she exudes… It constantly keeps him on his toes. Cydney too, was falling for Austin. She fell in love with his kindness, his heart for kids, and his wit. He is funny, and sarcastic and thoughtful.



But love isn’t always so easy… Separated by an entire ocean, Austin who was enlisted in the Marines and based in Okinawa, began a long distance journey with Cydney. A 16 hour time difference was fixed with a passport and some luggage, and the time in between visits were spent on the phone. Every. Single. Day. While Austin was on leave visiting Cydney at her beach cottage in Whidbey Island, he hatched a plan to propose. knowing the beach is her happy place, he spelled out her name and ‘will you marry me’ on the deck and down towards the beach using shells and driftwood. When she woke, he brought her outside and got down on one knee.




Finally, on a breezy Saturday July evening, her wedding day dreams were about to come true. But not even she could have dreamed up Austin. His calm and gentle spirit fits so perfectly within hers. She is his everything. And he is hers. They had a traditional wedding but also included brides-men, and grooms-women. And their entire bridal party table had room for each and everyone’s significant others. Just one small touch that solidifies how thoughtful and wonderful they are.


Overlooking rolling hills of wheat as the warm summer sun was setting, in front of their closest friends and family and under the arbor handmade with the driftwood he used to propose,  Austin and Cydney gave not only their hearts to one another, but their souls…

Everyone cheered.

And so did they.




And then we partied well into the night. An evening to remember, a life to build, and a future to look forward to.


Cydney and Austin, my wish for you is that you always grow together, learn from each other, and never forget that love truly can conquer all. Because, it can.




Flowers | Fleurtations Floral

Dress | Justin Alexander from The Bridal Gallery in Salem, OR

Videographer | Stephen Plopper

Makeup | Vinessa Sacre

Hair | Kayla Eickerman


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