Sarah & Kip – An Ione, Oregon Wedding

I don’t even know how to begin this post.

Have you met Sarah & Kip? Point made. Story over. You know how this goes. Brilliantly.

But some of you don’t. So let me start by saying how amazing they are. Because, they are.

When I met Sarah a year ago, I knew I adored her. But after shooting her wedding I adore her even more. And I’m pretty fond of Kip too. His heart is kind and giving just like Sarah’s. It is why they are such a perfect couple.

Saturday, August 29th might have been one of the windiest days of all summer in Eastern Oregon. That is inclusive of the major wind storms that have blown through our small towns this summer. If it were me getting married, I might have cried. I’m lying… I WOULD have cried or at the very least, cursed the wind under my breath. But not Sarah… The wind had no impact on her spirit or the joy she held for her day. She was focused on one thing. Marrying Kip.

I think sometimes we get caught up in the day, in our hair and makeup, in the decorations, in the weather…. And we can easily lose focus. I know I did, on my day.

So the weather was wild, but the sun was shining… The guests came anyway and they happily poured in. About 500 of them… all to celebrate the joining of two hearts on the Krebs sheep farm. Sarah was stunning. STUNNING. But graceful and kind. And I caught Kip staring at her from a distance, admiring her often. I think he will do that forever and love her forever. And If Sarah is anything like her mom, I know she will always be graceful and kind.

It was a beautiful day. Wind and all. Because above everything, they knew why they were there. They knew what their day was about. Love.


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