Kodee & Justin – A Weston, Or Wedding

When Kodee told me that she had been following my work since Junior High, I almost died. The magnitude of her words took several minutes to sink in. Maybe hours. Really!?  I would have to say that it tops my list as one of the greatest compliments I have ever been given. Let us put aside the fact that telling me this surely made me feel a tiny bit old ;)! More importantly, I just realized that once upon a time while she was a little bit younger and dreaming about her day in white, I was in some small way, a part of her dream. And to end up in that reality….. Well, that is such a humbling feeling. Humbling….

As Kodee went through her year of planning, I felt like I was so included in her process. When she finally said “YES!” to the dress, she excitedly sent me a text with a photo of her in it. I was so blown away by the beauty of her choice, but even more excited for the way I knew that dress made her feel. Beautiful. Every girl deserves to feel beautiful and she certainly looked it.

Then, before we knew it, her wedding day had finally come. A  mountain venue covered in sunflowers, a surprise for the mother of the groom that shocked her so much my eyes filled with tears as I watched the tears stream down her face, a groom ready to marry his high school sweetheart and a bride who looked so radiant as she walked down the aisle with her dad to ‘Any Man of Mine’.

And if you know Kodee, you are shaking your head right now and probably saying “Fitting”.

It was perfect.

Their guests ate & drank, laughed and celebrated the beginning of a new chapter for Justin and Kodee.

And this… This is the beginning of that story. Thank you for including me Kodee, even before you may have known who your groom would be.

Congratulations Kodee and Justin. May you stay best friends, forever.


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