I can’t even tell you how many times I prayed for a sister by the time I was nine. I lost track somewhere in between the three rowdy and obnoxious brothers that the good Lord sent for me before my first sister was finally born. But believe me when I say that I asked often and each time my mom brought home a boy I’m sure I sighed and my shoulders hung a littler lower. I eventually grew to love them, I swear.  And thankfully for me, my parents weren’t exactly done having kids. When my mom became pregnant with her 5th child- I was allowed to be there during the birth. I was so excited to be in the labor and delivery room that I literally peed my pants. I definitely happened while I was sleeping. I didn’t just stand there and pee. I promise. I was exhausted with waiting and it seems that being excited for your first sister was some serious hard work.


And then… there she was. Chunky and with a full head of hair. And I… Well, I was in love. Since her birth she has roamed the world with a sense of wanderlust, letting the wind take her where it may. And every time it took her anywhere, she always landed with both feet on the ground. Out of all of my 5 siblings (yes, my mom gifted me with another sister after this one!) , Allysa is the strongest. We can all collectively attest to that. One time, I think we all voted on it without her. She is brave and loyal and an old soul, and we all love her for all of those reasons and more.


For the past four years, while she has been away at college, she has always come home and spent the majority of her breaks and summers with me and my family at our home. It has become tradition and my family has come to expect her over every holiday and throughout the summer. She is, without a doubt, an irreplaceable part of our family. And I have come to learn that when she is away, I am not necessarily whole. However, that is the beauty of family… Needing each other to exist.


But in three short weeks, she is finishing her journey at University of Oregon with her bachelors is Sociology and will then spend two very long months in Spain studying abroad. And if I’m being honest, I’ll probably cry. But while I will miss her immensely, I am filled with an enormous sense of pride at the young woman she is becoming. And really, why should I be surprised she decided to live in Europe for a few months…? She has always had a gypsy soul. Who knows where life will take her, but I will always tip my hat to anyone who isn’t afraid to follow their dreams.


On to the new chapter sister- make it a good one!



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