The Start

Starting this is hard. It probably doesn’t help much that the letter between the H and F is currently broken on my keyboard. Have you looked to see what one it is yet? I would. I’m too curious. But curiosity and I aren’t friends at all. It is true what they say, it leads you into trouble. I’d type it, but I cant. And it makes it appearance here in there throughout this but only because spell check understands… Until it doesn’t, and then I must search my brain for a different way to say what I was about to say. It has ruined my cleverness…

So why am I here? Well this is a place that I intend to feverishly explain who I am. Not because I seek approval but because at the core of it- It is important to know who you are hiring to capture your life. That is an important and big deal. And not one that should be taken lightly. The bottom line is simple: Your photographer needs to understand you as a person and also genuinely care about what is important to you. In order to come to a conclusion on that I think its necessary for you to also know what is important to me in my life and who I am.

So let me begin. And I will be brief, since we have years for me to pour my heart out onto this screen. Soooo, one day at a time. Actually, More like one month at a time? That seems more realistic.

This… These people in this photo… are my life.

Like many of you, I am a mother. I became one when I was just a baby myself. I didn’t plan to be a mom at 18- but  here we are. My children are beautiful creatures with feisty souls that are both my greatest challenge and greatest reward. While they may not look like me, I promise you they are mine. I know because they share a special kind of spunk and sass that I somehow genetically passed down to them Yes, kudos to me. kudos to me. And no, my husband isn’t thrilled.  😉

How I got him to marry me is beyond me. I go where the wind takes me, I am incredibly passionate about a million things and he can barely keep track of what my newest passion is. I am a dreamer, he is a realist. You see the struggle? Yes, opposites do attract. He is patient and kind and makes me laugh. Every. Single. Day. <—– That…. is necessary in every marriage.  He supports my love for photography in a way I never knew existed and that support can take a person anywhere. Especially a wife with a million passions.

While some passions have come and left  but a few have stayed and will stay forever.  My life as a mom and wife is one of them. Its hard to be a mom and its a tough job to be a wife. Even tougher- balancing family life with work can feel like a tight rope balancing act where I twirl a baton that is on fire. By the end I’ve singed my hair and eyelashes, have smoke inhalation issues, and have almost fallen twelve times. But I have survived. And that feels pretty victorious. I’m sure many of you feel the same. I never knew how much family and work life relates to a circus. The perfect part of it though, is that the circus is fun and everyone is always smiling at the end. Plus you get popcorn. I like popcorn.

And sometimes, they even make it for me. 🙂


One thought on “The Start

  1. Well said Ashley!
    You and your family are truly amazing!
    The moment we had a meeting about my wedding, i knew i just didn’t get a photographer but a kind soul that i could call a friend! You have a skill people try and learn for many many years! You are a free spirit that will continue to grow. Keep it up! 🙂

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